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Višta vištelė - TTE Floss Ring Tag Exchange

Štai ir pabaigtas žymeklis siūlų žiedui!

Floss ring tag is already finished!

Siuvinėta ant balto lino (40ct) pagal Corine Rigaudeau shemą Tralala: Bienvenue dans mon Poulailler. Spalvas parinkau pati.

Stitched on white linen fabric (40ct), Corine Rigaudeau - Tralala: Bienvenue dans mon Poulailler design. I've chosen colours by myself.

Charlene  – (01 birželio, 2009 19:07)  

Am I reading this correctly? You have a PIF for me? Oh, my. Please email me ...

Thank you,

Myra  – (22 birželio, 2009 01:47)  

That is the cutest thing. I admired it on the TTE blog and really love your pictures of it.

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